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The history of Danjoung Bio since 2009

The footprints of Danjoung Bio

As looking at how much we have already come so far, please continue to look forward to the bright growth in the future of Danung Bio.


02 Awarded the grand prize of Gangwon-do Province job
03 6th Industrial Certification
06 Selection of Leading Company of Gangwon Green Bio Industry
11 Main-Biz Certification


02 Inno-Biz Re-certificate
11 Venture Business Certification – 20230420020013
12 Best Family Friendly Management Certification
12 Awarded a Gangwondo Governor’s Commendation


01 Food Safety Manageming Company, HACCP Certified
01 Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetics, ISO 27716 Certified
04 EVE VEGAN Certified
08 COSMOS Certified


03 Expansion of natural material factory (Cosmetics, Food Natural Materials, etc.)
12 Expansion of Smart Factory


05 Wonju City Mayor Citation (Regional Economic Development)
05 Presidential Citation (National Industrial Development Contribution)


01 Completion of Lyophilizer Plant(100kg, 30kg)
05 Best Company Award in Korea, 3 consecutive years (Bio Division)
10 Minister Citation, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs


04 First expansion of food factory
05 Acquisition of food manufacturing license
08 2017 Korea Economic Leader Award
11 Awarded the grand prize at the Small and Medium Business IP Management Competition


03 Selected as a IP Star Company(Patent Office)
05 Awarded a commendation from the Small and Medium Business Administration
05 Awarded a Gangwondo Governor’s Commendation
06 Inducing Investment in Technology Guarantee Fund
06 Won the Grand Prize of Korea Excellent Company (Bio Division)
11 Acquisition of IP management certificate (Patent Office)


06 Awarded a commendation from the Ministry of Employment and Labor
11 Designated as a promising export small and medium enterprise
(President of Small and Medium Business Administration of Gangwon Province)


06 Completion of Danjoung Bio Headquarter, Research Institute and Factory
09 Awarded a commendation by the Small and Medium Business Administration of Gangwon Province


07 Selected as a promising small and medium enterprise in Gangwon Province (No. 2013-4)
12 Awarded the Prime Minister’s Commendation (Entrepreneurship)


01 ISO 14001,ISO 9001 Certification


11 Awarded the Ministry of Agriculture Award


09 Venture Business Certification – 20100106953 Technology Guarantee Fund
10 Company affiliated research institute certification (2010112656)


11 Danjoung Bio Founded