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R & D Process

The endless research for the development of natural new materials, net biology, is the sum.

Raw material

Raw material

Raw material Non-stop : from raw material to raw material

We directly cultivate of raw herbal materials and “study with the right material.”


Extraction from natural raw materials

standardization of optimal extraction, separation of effective ingredients, and purification technology

Various extraction methods

– Ultrasonic extraction
– Hot water extraction
– Low temperature extraction
– Immersion extraction
– Microwave extraction
– Supercritical extraction
– Infrared rays extraction


Nature-friendly fermentation

Lactobacillus fermentation by separating three kinds of species of Lactobacillus.
A Study on the difference between ordinary fermented container and an Onggi(Korean traditional fermenting container) by fermenting of Lactic Acid Bacteria. In addition, research and development on traditional Onggi enzyme fermentation products.

Various fermenting microorganisms

Lactobacillus (Lactic acid bacteria)
Bifidobacterium (Lactic acid bacteria)
Saccharomyces (Yeast)
Aspergillus (fungus)
Lactococcus (Lactic acid bacteria)
Galactomyces (Yeast)

Retention of distinctive patent fermentation strains

Lactobacillus rhamnosus vitaP1
Routella planticola SEcos


Evaluation of Efficacy

in-vitro We study various effects of natural products through in-vitro and clinical evaluation



Bacteria, Heredity, Dried skin, Food and Environment.


Step 1

Skin fever occurs in weak areas of the skin along with the immune reaction. It is necessary to prevent skin irritation and damage of the stratum corneum.

Step 2

Damage to the stratum corneum and skin flare due to skin irritation and loss of skin moisture. An important step to prevent allergies or atopic dermatitis.

Step 3

Secondary skin contamination and loss of skin barrier function. It is necessary to restrain or control secondary skin contamination, xeroderma, oxidation and inflammation reaction.

Skin brightening


Skin Moisturizing

4 ways of skin moisturizing

Anti-Thermal Aging

Protection of skin barrier, skin
soothing and cooling effect


Analysis technique of active ingredients

(1) Analysis of 6-gingerol from Ginger Extract

(2) Analysis of kawain from Kava Extract


BAESOME® using the BAES system

BAES (bioavailability enhancement system)

1. Superior skin-affinity
2. Much safer use for the skin because of natural ingredients
3. Smooth feeling

BAES technology




04BAESOME® Applicable skin

BAESOME® Applicable skin