85% reduction in manufacturing process time by building a smart factory

//85% reduction in manufacturing process time by building a smart factory

85% reduction in manufacturing process time by building a smart factory

Danjoungbio, a local company in Gangwon-do, established in 2009, specializes in R&D, and specializes in R&D, supplying raw materials to over 250 cosmetic and food finished product companies around the world. It is a solid company with conditions.


In 2017, Danjoungbio established the 1st smart factory to integrate all resources within the company, information necessary for production and research, accounting and logistics information, and computerize the process. By integrating ‘Product and Customer Information’, ‘Quality Information’, ‘Logistics Information’, and ‘Cost Information’ as the first implementation, the accuracy of inventory was raised to 99%, and the rapidly changing market situation by shortening the accounting deadline to less than 5 days able to respond appropriately. Since then, Danjoungbio, which has improved customer satisfaction through process standardization, hopes to build a production operation system (MES) and process automation system (FA) to produce safer and higher quality products, and will proceed with the second smart factory upgrade from 2019. . Through the secondary construction, the production process time was reduced by 85% by realizing full automation that one person can work on the work previously performed by three people, and the product ‘zero defect rate’ was successfully achieved. In particular, sales increased by more than 23% compared to the previous year thanks to securing cost competitiveness through the smart factory, and the number of employed people increased by 11% compared to before introduction.


Danjoungbio plans to invest 1 billion won in the ‘automatic filling and packaging system’ built this time to build an automated system for all lines. We plan to establish a system that can identify changes in quality and take immediate action.


Euy Sung Joung, head of Danjoungbio’s division, said, “By computerizing all production information, we have been able to secure cost competitiveness and quality competitiveness through safer and more accurate production.” “By relocating manpower with the introduction of the smart factory, we have been able to solve the chronic employment problem.”

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